What’s the BEST way to reach people for Christ today?

    Same as always: START a CHURCH (see the Book of Acts)

Interested? Let me know: or (504) 816-8112

How can YOU help start a church?

Lead Planterguy who is passionate to reach people for Christ and called by God to do it. We're glad to help with assessment, training, and deployment contacts.

Team Memberwork with the lead planter and specialize in children, youth, music, drama, evangelism, discipleship, community service, or administration, to reach people for Jesus. Our equipping classes will help you succeed.

Sponsorchurch or group of churches that support the church plant with prayer, people, and financial assistance. Don't make a mistake with God's precious resources. We can train your church to find the right planter and to be a great sponsor.

What Next

  1. Review Documents Related to Nehemiah Project
  2. Contact our office and set up an appointment with Dr. Emetuche (504) 816-8112 or
  3. Take a church planting class. (To be approved as a North American Mission Board church planter, take at least two classes and an internship). To take a church planting class or be friends with Dr. Emetuche, students are NOT required to take the North American Church Planting Track. The NACP Track was designed for students wanting to complete half their degree on campus and half on the field. Church planting courses are designed for anyone who wants to know how to start a healthy ministry or--believe it or not--clean up a sick church.
  4. Participate in an 8-13 week internship.
Stop by the DayCenter for Church Planting in Dodd 203 for more information.